Rebel Galaxy Patch to Version 1.07

1) Saves do not generate backups unless the playtime is >10 minutes — that way people won’t accidentally obliterate their backups if they get a corrupted save from Steamcloud or some other vector, and then hit ‘new game’.

2) Many delivery missions have had their ambush ranges altered so you have more reaction time, and in some cases the number of opponents has been reduced

3) You can autodock by touching the station even if a cargo is nearby

4) Certain ‘rack’ ship scaffolding models have been reconfigured so that their targeting centerpoint is better located.

5) Fixed some incorrectly hostile traders in a mission

6) You can ‘stealth-dock’ at hostile Outsiders stations if you have a story mission on them (citizenry stations already allowed this) without having to fly off and wait for them to de-aggress

7) Fix UI diamond placement issue (need to show on jumpgates) for out-system dead drop missions

8) Quadrophonic/5.1 sound issues in some setups resolved (FMOD has implemented fix)

9) Made it 100% impossible to dock while dying

10) Rufus escort mission now always chooses an outpost, never a planet, & now uses the same path-checking code as other escort missions to ensure it doesn’t pass too close to one. (Only affects newly-acquired versions if this mission)

11) (PC) Launcher can be skipped with SKIPLAUNCHER commandline option

12) in some rare drop-retrieval side missions where you can intimidate them into giving you the cargo, they’ll properly count toward retrieval (Orion Slaves)

13) Fix for Blackgate sometimes using a different color badging setup.