Rebel Galaxy Patch to version 1.06

Some more niceties for Escort missions, a crash fix for dx9 mouse mode, and hey, you can reverse now in a pinch. Very, very slowly.

1) If you have throttle set to zero and pull back (brake) you will engage a slow reverse

2) Random escort missions now do a pre-check to cull out any flightpaths that lead through planets. (hooray!)

3) Fixed mouse hover crash in dx9 on tactical menu if hovering over the gold selected button

4) Mercs will now properly restore their tactics on load

5) Escortees in escort quests don’t get engine impairment due to damage.

6) cargo that somehow gets positioned ‘inside’ your ship will still tractor properly

7) Bribes in high militia faction situations properly trigger the achievement

8) Additional save protections — additional checks for file locks, and an ’emergency’ save dump if a file is locked as unreadable.

9) Escort failure distances are larger