Rebel Galaxy Patch to Version 1.07

1) Saves do not generate backups unless the playtime is >10 minutes — that way people won’t accidentally obliterate their backups if they get a corrupted save from Steamcloud or some other vector, and then hit ‘new game’.

2) Many delivery missions have had their ambush ranges altered so you have more reaction time, and in some cases the number of opponents has been reduced

3) You can autodock by touching the station even if a cargo is nearby

4) Certain ‘rack’ ship scaffolding models have been reconfigured so that their targeting centerpoint is better located.

5) Fixed some incorrectly hostile traders in a mission

6) You can ‘stealth-dock’ at hostile Outsiders stations if you have a story mission on them (citizenry stations already allowed this) without having to fly off and wait for them to de-aggress

7) Fix UI diamond placement issue (need to show on jumpgates) for out-system dead drop missions

8) Quadrophonic/5.1 sound issues in some setups resolved (FMOD has implemented fix)

9) Made it 100% impossible to dock while dying

10) Rufus escort mission now always chooses an outpost, never a planet, & now uses the same path-checking code as other escort missions to ensure it doesn’t pass too close to one. (Only affects newly-acquired versions if this mission)

11) (PC) Launcher can be skipped with SKIPLAUNCHER commandline option

12) in some rare drop-retrieval side missions where you can intimidate them into giving you the cargo, they’ll properly count toward retrieval (Orion Slaves)

13) Fix for Blackgate sometimes using a different color badging setup.

Rebel Galaxy Patch to version 1.06

Some more niceties for Escort missions, a crash fix for dx9 mouse mode, and hey, you can reverse now in a pinch. Very, very slowly.

1) If you have throttle set to zero and pull back (brake) you will engage a slow reverse

2) Random escort missions now do a pre-check to cull out any flightpaths that lead through planets. (hooray!)

3) Fixed mouse hover crash in dx9 on tactical menu if hovering over the gold selected button

4) Mercs will now properly restore their tactics on load

5) Escortees in escort quests don’t get engine impairment due to damage.

6) cargo that somehow gets positioned ‘inside’ your ship will still tractor properly

7) Bribes in high militia faction situations properly trigger the achievement

8) Additional save protections — additional checks for file locks, and an ’emergency’ save dump if a file is locked as unreadable.

9) Escort failure distances are larger

Rebel Galaxy Patch to version 1.05


1) Tactical options for all 16 turrets on Blackgate are available

2) Subsystem damage on turrets past 12 wasn’t being stored, but now is

3) If you abandon a dead drop or retrieval mission then pick up the cargo AFTERWARD, it isn’t marked for delivery, so you can eject or sell it. Also, retrieval mission cargo that gets jettisoned to a container due to other equipment on board the ship that was destroyed properly retains its tracking data

4) Can’t bypass guild rank requirements in tradein situations

5) As a precautionary measure, if saves fail to compress at save time, don’t write ANYTHING, to ensure that backups never get overrun. You will receive a message box in this circumstance, letting you know what happened.

6) If you have no missions, the on-station mission log won’t erroneously show hidden mission data, and works the same as in-flight mission log now.

7) If you enter Charon, then immediately leave (or dock and undock), a gold diamond will be placed on the gate so that you don’t have to go to the map to remember where it is.

8) Protect against an unbelievably rare chance that a mission could fail and complete at the same time

9) PC Steam Achievement stat resets fixed. I believe I’ve uncovered a Steam stats bug, which I’ve worked around now and it seems to work again. Very specific circumstances.

10) Mac Steam achievements should work again

11) Fix for scanning traders in a merchant protect mission after the mission is terminated causing a crash

12) Potential DX9 crash fixes for some users?


14) Some new tweaks added to keep mission ships that are approaching you from following you ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE DAMN SOLAR SYSTEM if you decide to bug out.

15) Display of button on death screen was mapped to the ‘A’ control, not the ‘Confirm’ control which could lead to confusion if one was remapped. Also now always accepts ESC.

16) On dreadnaught ships w/ broadside beams there were cases where a near hit wouldn’t register. Fixed.

17) Atmospheric damage scales w/ shield capacity, so that you don’t become effectively invincible to atmo damage later.

18) Added camera zoom settings, just for you! (Located in the in-game settings submenu)

19) Can’t run 2 simultaneous copies of the game. Sneaking suspicion this was how some folks got save corruption, by simultaneously trying to save on 2 copies at the same time (since both receive controller input)

(Note for users with ‘leftover’ delivery/dead drop components. These will ‘clean up’ upon loading a game, after there are no dead drop or delivery missions in your log, and no story missions that require any deliveries. After that they shouldn’t recur)

Hotfix to 1.041

Fixed ‘fast turret’ issue at moderate to low FPS

Bribing militia officials with super-high militia faction rep now properly advances the conversation.

Dreadnaught Assault mission can’t be put in an uncompleteable state by murdering the dreadnaught in 15 seconds flat with an OP ship.

Rebel Galaxy Patch to version 1.04

Here they are!

1) Tons of escort mission improvements. Escorted ships will blow the crud out of any asteroids in their way. Your ship also won’t noodle off into the distance if they react to damage from other ships. Also, escort missions are always to outposts — not stations just on the other side of an annoying planet. Lots of good stuff.

2) Can disable camera shake from the launcher if it makes you ill

3) Fixed a rare mission-related crash

4) Nasty Surprise mission doesn’t have as huge of a Faction penalty

5) Antimatter drive mk1 and EMP Nova weapons aren’t available ( they weren’t intended to be for sale, and EMP Nova doesn’t even work!)

6) Fixed a few mission spawns that were confusing/inappropriate factions

7) Mission waypoints on a jumpgate also show the NAME of the target system

8) The Radovich is no longer flagged as a miner. I.E. it won’t independently decide to blow up asteroids on your behalf.

9) Fixed rare secondary weapon swapping crash.

10) Fixed super-rare case where a bunch of moons around a planet would cause a station to spawn IN a planet

11) In cases where the window is resized from the desired resolution to something that actually fits on the desktop, mouse aspect ratio is corrected so that mouse clicks aren’t ‘off’

12) AI turrets properly take into account range increase from range extenders in all situations

13) Fragment Recovery mission Hexxite is indestructible until revealed by a pulse

14) Korian Super Swarm mission tweaked

15) Militia bribe chance increased

16) Player turrets now have extra simulation ticks in low-fps situations to prevent bobbling in low FPS. (hopefully)

17) Meet Zenya mission — conversation activation range doubled, and an additional tip reminding you to scan ALL traders was added.

18) To reduce exploitability, traders will only offer to purchase between 1 and 5 of your cargo components ( no more guaranteed high-priced sale of 20 meteoric diamonds, sorry! )

Rebel Galaxy Patch to version 1.03

Found and fixed erratic Commodity Market crash (and there was great rejoicing!) Special thanks to a certain OTG Wraith who found the repro steps.

Missions do not update their events while you are mid-jump. There were some extremely rare cases where some important ones could fire and you wouldn’t see them as a result.

If corrupted/garbage saves exist in your save folder, they will be ignored, rather than crashing the game at startup.

(Windows Only for Now) Saves now have several new safety features, both in the way they are written ( a temp copy first, which is copied to final), but they also create a backup of the PRIOR save, before overwriting it. This will be a ‘historic’ save, which has the extension zbs_bkup and we can use it for recovery in catastrophic situations (heaven forbid!)

Minor turret tweak on non-fast mode to smooth out some low-end jitters in precision mode.

Rebel Galaxy Patch to version 1.02


Mac mouse positioning/camera control issues with various resolutions have been resolved.

In Mac windowed mode, your mouse cursor will become visible when it exits the window, and re-hide upon re-entering (fixes an issue where mousing over the dock shows your mouse, but we can’t detect it)

Mac turret mode control improved for mouse/keyboard users.


You can now enable/disable fullscreen cursor clipping from the launcher.

Expiremental ‘fast mouse’ mode is now available in the launcher.

Fast mouse mode has had various improvements and tweaks in order to increase precision and responsiveness.

XP machines should now be able to run the game


If Motion blur was disabled, depth of field was not working properly for skinned characters. ‘blurry conversations’. Fixed.

Precision turret control responsiveness has been improved

Abandoning a dead drop mission AFTER you had picked up the cargo would leave it in your hold. Fixed.

‘leftover’ dead drops from the above bug will now be ‘cleared out’ as long as you have no active dead-drop missions on load

Mouse camera pitch adjustments will not ‘re-correct’ to default pitch until a 2 second delay has passed.

Small Launch Day Patch

Two quick tweaks!

1) Ingame in M/KB mode, ESC always opens the pause menu, even if you remap ESC to another control, so that you can reset your keybinds without
having to delete the keybind file.

2) Cursor clipping is now enabled by default in Fullscreen and Windowed Fullscreen modes, as long as the game has focus.

Little Patch

Pretty minor stuff, but might as well squeeze it in before downloads happen in larger volume…

1) Zenya’s defenses have been beefed up

2) Never show events from other solar systems at bars/guilds in the news list.

3) There was an issue with how ‘last visited’ times were displayed for economy snapshots when jumping between systems. This has been resolved. May take a little bit of in-game time or a few jumps to ‘catch up’ the proper time display for existing saves.

4) Stafford conversation properly rewards you with Militia faction depending on your conversation choices.

Review/Streamers Patch

I like to patch!


1) Pulse functionality has an additional feature — if you pulse near a mission waypoint it will identify any related targets no matter where they are in the solar system — even if outside pulse range.

2) Turrets were not properly incorporating range benefits from subsystems into the hud badge Out of Range indicator, but are now

3) Broadside Beam weaponry sometimes wouldn’t register a hit properly on very near targets at certain angles. Fixed.

4) There were a few miners which could spawn in combat scenarios — and then they’d wander off to mine! Now they won’t.

5) Escort missions had a weirdly high appearance rate in station mission boards, which has been reduced.

Review/Streamers Patch #I-Don’t-know

A few requests addressed.

1) Mining lasers receive a 50% range boost ONLY vs mineable objects. So, that asteroid juuuuust out of your reach should now be reachable, but they are no more effective against other ships.

2) A Hacking Spike subsystem component was added which doubles the available time to hack a Transponder

3) Korian Frenzy missions have some tweaks to their difficulty rankings

Reviews/Streamers Recent Patch Summary

Notes on a few changes in the last few days

1) Launcher has been reconfigured so that it fits nicely on desktops with 768 vertical resolution

2) Intel HD 4000 GPUs now work properly in DX11 mode with Win8/10 (Win7 was fine)

3) If you load with extreme low health in heavy combat, your core health is capped to a minimum of 10%, and you are teleported a little way away

4) If you load or undock into atmospheric damage, you are teleported a little way away

5) Pasting unsupported unicode characters into the ship name box won’t cause a crash

6) Fixed a corner case where Teague could speak to you when his ship was streaming-collapsed if you were far away and thus wouldn’t exchange an item properly.

7) ‘Rescue Attempt’ mission distance requirements are removed once main mission objectives are complete, but conversation is ongoing.

8) Deflector drain time stats had the incorrect color comparisons

Review/Streamers Patch #4

A few more fixes and requested goodies.

1) In commodity markets, under the commodity description, the import/export information will change every 4 seconds to show the known price at every visited station in the system, and how old the information is.

2) Warp pairing with slow/cumbersome ships is much improved, and the warp leader will now patiently wait for you if you’re too far away. Additionally, slow ships will aggressively damp yaw to prevent overshoot, and take tighter circumnavigation paths to avoid objects.

3)Fixed a bug with the Fragments in Motion mission which would assert during conversation if your hold was full and you were receiving a certain object.

4)A loophole on some missions could allow a male character name to be paired with a female captain. fixed.

5) When selling an item not-carried on-station, its appearance in the sorted list as a surplus purchaseable could offset the ‘unavailable’ property. (which would resolve itself on undock/re-dock). But now it won’t happen in the first place.

6) Tachyon broadside descriptions incorrectly identified themselves as MK2 when MK3 and above. fixed.

7)Cannot hail other ships while a contraband demand hail is incoming.

Review/Streamers Patch #3

Because I can’t help myself. A few more requests fulfilled, a nice extra feature, and a minor fix.

1) There was sometimes a disparity between what a trader would offer you vs what they would give you for a commodity. Fixed.

2) You can now specify that you want to combine your custom music with the original soundtrack if you wish, in the custom music dialog on the launcher.

3) Did you know there was a screenshot button? Well, there is. F4. All screenshots are saved in

documents/my games/double damage games/rebelgalaxy/screenshots

in .png format

4) Now that you’re getting over the shock of that undisclosed screenshot button, did you ever want to take a nice beauty shot without all that UI in the way? Well, if you use F3 while ingame or on the main menu, all UI will temporarily hide and it’ll take a beauty shot. Hooray!

5) In Keyboard/Mouse mode, the Transponder minigame hotkeys are now WSAD, and require much lighter finger gymnastics as a result.

6) Flak descriptions have been updated to more strongly reflect that they really don’t hurt ANYTHING other than fighters & missiles.

Review/Streamers Patch #2

Minor patch today, notes follow!

1) If you ever get stuck in a nook on a large, awkward object (like a station you’ve aggressed against and can’t dock with), just exit and reload and your ship will detect it and get you out of there.

2) Custom waypoints are now square instead of diamonds so that they are more easily distinguishable

3) Contraband cargo shows as a red square instead of blue for more easily isolating it on radar.

Review/Streamers Patch #1

A little patch went live to address a few requests we saw from streamers, so, without further ado-

* Ingame Comm volumes are better separated from general audio and should be easier to distinguish.

* You can now select PS4 button artwork from the launcher if you are playing with a PS4 controller. All tips and UI will change to reflect this.

* In combat or at the main menu, when one song of a given mood-set ends, it will transition to a new one.

* When hovering over a station on the system map, if an event is going on the color of the event is changed to highlight what’s happening.

* Some optimizations to collision hulls and turret AI checks that were done for console builds were folded in, because why not.

* Minor fix to ‘death drop’ missions — some garbage dead drop components could drop from some ambushers that were useless. They won’t anymore.

Thanks for playing! 🙂

Press Roundup!

Our Press & Streamers Preview a few weeks ago was a huge success – it was exciting and a little nail-biting to watch our little game played out in the wild and streamed freely, but we couldn’t be happier with how it was received. Thank you to everyone who participated, or watched a stream.

We’ve compiled a little roundup of some of the previews, although there are definitely more archived streams and YouTube clips out there now. If you’ve been wondering what exactly Rebel Galaxy IS, maybe these will help fill in any of the blanks for you.

We’re heads-down working like mad to finish up the game and get it into the hands of players (again). Thanks for dropping by!