Review/Streamers Patch #4

A few more fixes and requested goodies.

1) In commodity markets, under the commodity description, the import/export information will change every 4 seconds to show the known price at every visited station in the system, and how old the information is.

2) Warp pairing with slow/cumbersome ships is much improved, and the warp leader will now patiently wait for you if you’re too far away. Additionally, slow ships will aggressively damp yaw to prevent overshoot, and take tighter circumnavigation paths to avoid objects.

3)Fixed a bug with the Fragments in Motion mission which would assert during conversation if your hold was full and you were receiving a certain object.

4)A loophole on some missions could allow a male character name to be paired with a female captain. fixed.

5) When selling an item not-carried on-station, its appearance in the sorted list as a surplus purchaseable could offset the ‘unavailable’ property. (which would resolve itself on undock/re-dock). But now it won’t happen in the first place.

6) Tachyon broadside descriptions incorrectly identified themselves as MK2 when MK3 and above. fixed.

7)Cannot hail other ships while a contraband demand hail is incoming.