Review/Streamers Patch #3

Because I can’t help myself. A few more requests fulfilled, a nice extra feature, and a minor fix.

1) There was sometimes a disparity between what a trader would offer you vs what they would give you for a commodity. Fixed.

2) You can now specify that you want to combine your custom music with the original soundtrack if you wish, in the custom music dialog on the launcher.

3) Did you know there was a screenshot button? Well, there is. F4. All screenshots are saved in

documents/my games/double damage games/rebelgalaxy/screenshots

in .png format

4) Now that you’re getting over the shock of that undisclosed screenshot button, did you ever want to take a nice beauty shot without all that UI in the way? Well, if you use F3 while ingame or on the main menu, all UI will temporarily hide and it’ll take a beauty shot. Hooray!

5) In Keyboard/Mouse mode, the Transponder minigame hotkeys are now WSAD, and require much lighter finger gymnastics as a result.

6) Flak descriptions have been updated to more strongly reflect that they really don’t hurt ANYTHING other than fighters & missiles.