Review/Streamers Patch #1

A little patch went live to address a few requests we saw from streamers, so, without further ado-

* Ingame Comm volumes are better separated from general audio and should be easier to distinguish.

* You can now select PS4 button artwork from the launcher if you are playing with a PS4 controller. All tips and UI will change to reflect this.

* In combat or at the main menu, when one song of a given mood-set ends, it will transition to a new one.

* When hovering over a station on the system map, if an event is going on the color of the event is changed to highlight what’s happening.

* Some optimizations to collision hulls and turret AI checks that were done for console builds were folded in, because why not.

* Minor fix to ‘death drop’ missions — some garbage dead drop components could drop from some ambushers that were useless. They won’t anymore.

Thanks for playing! 🙂