Reviews/Streamers Recent Patch Summary

Notes on a few changes in the last few days

1) Launcher has been reconfigured so that it fits nicely on desktops with 768 vertical resolution

2) Intel HD 4000 GPUs now work properly in DX11 mode with Win8/10 (Win7 was fine)

3) If you load with extreme low health in heavy combat, your core health is capped to a minimum of 10%, and you are teleported a little way away

4) If you load or undock into atmospheric damage, you are teleported a little way away

5) Pasting unsupported unicode characters into the ship name box won’t cause a crash

6) Fixed a corner case where Teague could speak to you when his ship was streaming-collapsed if you were far away and thus wouldn’t exchange an item properly.

7) ‘Rescue Attempt’ mission distance requirements are removed once main mission objectives are complete, but conversation is ongoing.

8) Deflector drain time stats had the incorrect color comparisons