Rebel Galaxy Patch to version 1.04

Here they are!

1) Tons of escort mission improvements. Escorted ships will blow the crud out of any asteroids in their way. Your ship also won’t noodle off into the distance if they react to damage from other ships. Also, escort missions are always to outposts — not stations just on the other side of an annoying planet. Lots of good stuff.

2) Can disable camera shake from the launcher if it makes you ill

3) Fixed a rare mission-related crash

4) Nasty Surprise mission doesn’t have as huge of a Faction penalty

5) Antimatter drive mk1 and EMP Nova weapons aren’t available ( they weren’t intended to be for sale, and EMP Nova doesn’t even work!)

6) Fixed a few mission spawns that were confusing/inappropriate factions

7) Mission waypoints on a jumpgate also show the NAME of the target system

8) The Radovich is no longer flagged as a miner. I.E. it won’t independently decide to blow up asteroids on your behalf.

9) Fixed rare secondary weapon swapping crash.

10) Fixed super-rare case where a bunch of moons around a planet would cause a station to spawn IN a planet

11) In cases where the window is resized from the desired resolution to something that actually fits on the desktop, mouse aspect ratio is corrected so that mouse clicks aren’t ‘off’

12) AI turrets properly take into account range increase from range extenders in all situations

13) Fragment Recovery mission Hexxite is indestructible until revealed by a pulse

14) Korian Super Swarm mission tweaked

15) Militia bribe chance increased

16) Player turrets now have extra simulation ticks in low-fps situations to prevent bobbling in low FPS. (hopefully)

17) Meet Zenya mission — conversation activation range doubled, and an additional tip reminding you to scan ALL traders was added.

18) To reduce exploitability, traders will only offer to purchase between 1 and 5 of your cargo components ( no more guaranteed high-priced sale of 20 meteoric diamonds, sorry! )