Rebel Galaxy Patch to version 1.03

Found and fixed erratic Commodity Market crash (and there was great rejoicing!) Special thanks to a certain OTG Wraith who found the repro steps.

Missions do not update their events while you are mid-jump. There were some extremely rare cases where some important ones could fire and you wouldn’t see them as a result.

If corrupted/garbage saves exist in your save folder, they will be ignored, rather than crashing the game at startup.

(Windows Only for Now) Saves now have several new safety features, both in the way they are written ( a temp copy first, which is copied to final), but they also create a backup of the PRIOR save, before overwriting it. This will be a ‘historic’ save, which has the extension zbs_bkup and we can use it for recovery in catastrophic situations (heaven forbid!)

Minor turret tweak on non-fast mode to smooth out some low-end jitters in precision mode.