Rebel Galaxy Patch to version 1.02


Mac mouse positioning/camera control issues with various resolutions have been resolved.

In Mac windowed mode, your mouse cursor will become visible when it exits the window, and re-hide upon re-entering (fixes an issue where mousing over the dock shows your mouse, but we can’t detect it)

Mac turret mode control improved for mouse/keyboard users.


You can now enable/disable fullscreen cursor clipping from the launcher.

Expiremental ‘fast mouse’ mode is now available in the launcher.

Fast mouse mode has had various improvements and tweaks in order to increase precision and responsiveness.

XP machines should now be able to run the game


If Motion blur was disabled, depth of field was not working properly for skinned characters. ‘blurry conversations’. Fixed.

Precision turret control responsiveness has been improved

Abandoning a dead drop mission AFTER you had picked up the cargo would leave it in your hold. Fixed.

‘leftover’ dead drops from the above bug will now be ‘cleared out’ as long as you have no active dead-drop missions on load

Mouse camera pitch adjustments will not ‘re-correct’ to default pitch until a 2 second delay has passed.